Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Word Like I Felt

There are some word like my felt but i found in one drama asian "Summer's Desire".
The Subtittle from Summer's Desire

Love is Reincarnation,
Time Will Decide on the Winner

Those Who are Much Alike are Easily Attracted to One Another
and Easily Loathe One Another

No Matter How We Meet,
I Will Fall in Love with You Just the Same

Maybe Forgetting the Past is How We Rid of All the Pains

Sometimes Love is Like a Thorn,
the Tighter You Hold it the More it Hurts

Jealousy is a Form of Fear, Afraid of Losing You

A Sense of Security is a Luxury Item

Happiness is Like the Bubbles in the Summer,
Fragile Yet Beautiful

It Seems that whenever Happiness Peaks,
Nightmare starts

Love is Not the Most Important Thing in Life

The More I Love You, the More I Fear
The More Heartwarming I Feel, the More Scared I Am

If I'm About to Die,
Would You Drop Everything and Come to Me?

Peacefulness is Happiness too

When Old Bubble Bursts, New One Will Fly
That's How Life Continues

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