Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Day’s

Everyone waiting this day but I’m not. Why? First valentine mustn’t celebrate on February 14, everyday we can show how much we love them, second I don’t have boyfriend so I think everything must running like usual and I had two test today damn! . Ah ya! I’m forgot to say Happy Valentine for everyone celebrate this day. I hope you’re so very very happy and lucky.
Crazy one I to do today is wrote my favorite friend with My Blood! I don’t planning write his name with my blood but I don’t know why I wrote his name! OMG!. please don’t think i love him or he is my boyfriend or anything because i’m really not in my self when i writing his name (‘-.-) . . What is he name? Yeah guess by your self leh..
Then tomorrow I have a planning to go to SPI/PTC Surabaya with Feli, Bella, Fanny, and Pricillia, I hope tomorrow run like our planning. I want to buy some dresses or clothes and pants. Buy what all I need but I don’t wanna go to cinema because my money not enough.

PlayList for this blogpost
Jose Mari Chan – Please Be Careful with My Heart
Beyonce – Shams Into You

Yeah I listened Ne-Yo songs but I don’t like him songs (-.-)…. I hope you like my playlist…
Happy valentine day

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