Saturday, May 28, 2011

those a days I don't know what i must do ?! really because very busy with final exam and of course the deadline of jurnal huftt very bored but my mom promise will be come and happy with it. what that promise? I will share you later :)
today is weekend and I want talk about happiness :) let me tell you ..

last month or around 2weeks ago I ordered a new glasses, I mean sunglasses ( you know I uses glasses ) and very happy I hear my order was come and this picture :)

I got it with normal price. it's only 25IDK :)

then I got new bed from my parents thanks my mom and dad you know me so well :) After I told them last year I don't really like sleep at floor ( yeah when I was 12-13yo I want sleep at floor like japan and korea attidute ) because I breath with dusty finally they bought a new bed for me this month haaaaahhhh happy hapy :)

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