Sunday, January 22, 2012


Never mind I'll find someone like you .. I wish nothing but the best for you, too 
- someone like you by Adele

Okay I write that lyric not because I'm in broken heart or what else you called that, but I want share that. Uhmm ....  if you very young and think about love is everything that is wrong!! Hey, teenagers look your future. You very best without her or him beside you. Never mind if you face this situation and when you pass this one you be better human.

People get old doesn't mean they grow up - Annomious

How old you're so always need caring by someone. Your teenagers is show it how your future. When you get older but you didn't get your idintity, please don't wish that your future be better one. How you build your life today, it's your way to show what you will get when you older.

Today I just want to share what in mind and I hope it can be your inspire :)

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