Friday, May 11, 2012

say hey

Heartbeats fast
Colours and Promisies

Old song but meant to be, really. Akhirnya benar-benar menikmati masa-masa SMA yang indah hahha penuh dengan tugas, bercandaan, quality time with best friends, and many more. Walau sebagian dari waktu bebasku akhirnya harus habis dengan berbagai acara, I enjoyed it. Kapan lagi kan kita bisa have fun bareng-bareng gitu hahha..
By the way, sudah lama banget nggak eksis lagi di blog ngebuat aku jadi merasa newbie lagi. Gak tau materi apa yang harus ditulis di blog gitu. Kayaknya harus banyak cari inspirasi lagi ini ya. Sebentar lagi udah mau UKK ( Ulangan Kenaikkan Kelas ) tapi kok aku niat banget untuk eksis lagi di blog dan teman-temanya hehhe .. Support me always J

When mouth can’t say, Songs replace the place

I had a lot of beautiful songs and I hope you like my playlist. Check this out.
1.       A thousand Year – Christina Perri
2.       Bye Bye -
3.       Endless -
4.       If I Die Young –
5.       I Won’t Give Up – Jason Marz
6.       Thank You For The Broken Heart -
7.       Try  – Asher Book
8.       Someone Like You – Adele
I love ballad songs so if you don’t like ballad songs isn’t good idea to download my playlist. I don’t suggest you. I need new playlist if you’re love ballad song like me, please give your playlist to me in my box of comments, Thanks!
Another Place, Another Culture
Another Man, Another Story
Another Problems, Another Solutions

Everyone have their problem, no one in this world who doesn’t have a problem, I bet that, but how you face the problem? Problems about family, school, our society, love, job, and many more. Have big faith to solve your problem and be brave to face.
I blessed to have best friend who want to hear my problem and give solutions. Believe it, no one can full their life without another human really. Don’t be selfish and to much have self confidence for solve your problems. Sometimes better tell your problem than you hide it. Guys if you have big problems don’t very easy give up because every problem have way to solve.

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