Monday, December 31, 2012

The Book Already Closed! Bye 2012

How time flies so fast.. After this day we just get into 2013.. Are you ready guys? This year, a year full of emotion. There are many tears, laugh, smile, confuse, imagine, and many more. I’m not believe it! I can pass a year like that, but here I am today and I’m ready to get into 2013. 

Everyone have resolutions, and I am too. Hopefully, I am *once again* can fulfill all my resolution. About resolution, I’m so blessed with many blogger in Indonesia. They were inspired me so much. Just wish I’m back in my first passion, writing. 
 Meet them is one of my resolution. Thinking share with them will making me more passionately to write in what I’m want. To be “whatever girl” isn’t bad enough I think. This is my blog and I write everything in my mind without judgment or paying by sponsors. Doing what you passionate is the best one ever!! Got you passion guys. 
 One of truth I want tell you is I often schedule my blog post, so this post too, I’m write this blog on Saturday, December 22, 2012 and will publish on Monday, December 31, 2012. I guess when this post publish I’m not at home because I was planned to spend my time with my friends during New Year Eve. I’m cant wait ‘till the day come, I doesn’t meet them for a long time, how miss I am to them. 

So I wish you have a great New Year Eve too.
 Happy New Year 2013 :D

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