Sunday, January 3, 2010


happy new year. .

I think this year will be the most exciting year. At the beginning of this year alone has a lot of good things happen. Starting from friends who all have completed the problem until the surprises of remarkable Jesus.

That was very, very pleasant, really felt what he called the fire in the church. That was truly amazing. When there is extinction of light at that time we were singing praise songs directly we jumped, but the congregation did not even direct their busy clapping to create a rhythm track from the applause. In the end all the teams "PAW" both the service and not up to the pulpit to praise and glorify God's name. All the congregation was so excited until the end of the service today.

This has never happened before and I think this as one of the early gift from the Lord Jesus Christ. Even when we're preaching pastors we feel a new spirit in which this year you will actually give the best to the Lord Jesus and we will love our satellite, the satellite "Fire Of God (FOG)" more than we've loved before .

It was for me this year truly the beginning of extraordinary good and all. Even the gifts in my life God has given much. I believe that once this year, "Bright 2010" for me and all.

This year the first prize that I get from God are my friends and the rise of the precious satellite church. wow it was incredible.

Just this year I will make extraordinary year in my life more than in previous years.
so much ..

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