Tuesday, September 7, 2010

That Should Be Me

Day after day yi ge ti ge your feel can I need. Wo bu jie dao, why for a few weeks you screet all from me? Do you know my feeling when I thinked about you? Thinking all about ou, like a cow eat some grass , never ending. Jiantian, wo zhidao all you felt to me. How hurt I am? I believe you never touch so much I am.

Ni maybe don't know what I felt about you everyday. I made good a injury 'cause you! No one knows. I just silent here. Do you know what mean from " That Should Be Me? " In our love story I wanna say " That Should Be Me holding your hands" NoT the Other Girls!

Once again I thinking everything about my problem. Wo zhidao, ni just play within' me and you've finished this game with made my heart injury. Xie xie so made me like this.

When I look your statuses, I don't know something big coming in my heart and my heart so sick. It's really always make me hates myself. Why I ever falling in love with you? I throw everthing precious on my life just for can get you but atlast you made me sick so much.

Really so hard for me to forgive you. My heart really so sick with your decision. One word in Indonesia language can imaginary my feeling "KECEWA". That's the final word for you.

* I'am Speechless*

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