Wednesday, October 13, 2010


For two days I missed many what I must to do!! I hate it so much, because when I not to do that I felt my day is so bad!! Arghhttttttt!!! I Stress!! Do you know what I missed??
  1. I missed For Dance Exercise
  2. I missed For Bloging *Arhgtt and then I got descent for my blog*
  3. I missed For Study Hard at home *Of course in my holiday*
Very nice is't it?? I hate so much. I missed that because I must make Wallmagazine *mading* with my time work. Ok honesly that made my time is over! but really is so fun! We started on 8am and finished on 12.30pm. We made 2D wallmagazine for Deteksi competition. It's so hard for building a good time work with ten person inside. have many prob but it's ok la . . . I wish this wallmagazine can get appreciation.

Ok yesterday [Oktober, 12 2010] I with my friends *Veronica* went to cinema in SPI Surabaya. First we are want to watch Resident Evil "Afterlife 3D but it start on 6pm. then We choosed Street Dance movie begun on 12.30pm and finised 14.10pm. Is not bad. If you're propesional dancer I think this movie isn't interesting because the moval is not very good but I suggest ou watch it for rember what make you always dance until now and for begniner I suggest you watch it because there you knows how to dance.

One things I got form the film is spirit to dance. How hard you walking in your way believe you can do the best. You is your self not the other. Althought everyone says this movie is bad but I said this movie is great. You must watch.

Ok this blogpost for this day I hope you can get something fress. Bye

With Love

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