Monday, November 1, 2010

Status Facebook :)

ello people!

so lama saya tidak upload nie blogpost maafkan saya. Capek menimpa yes! Malas yes! Kecanduan games online yes! maklum lagi crazy. Then today I going to telling about my status on facebook! Ok I'm a fanatic facebook ahhh yaa ... and kalo udah duduk depan facebook udah gilanya mint ampun bisa didepan compi berjam-jam pun betah!! uhm kapan hari saya sempat sok cool update status sok keren gitu dan sok bijak haha .. tapi ga apa lah . Nah maksudnya mau share aja dikit nie tentang itu status :))
Kalo buat kalian pengen tau lengkapnya don;t forget add my facebook account ya .. see ya :))

Ic Christa Hdp it ms terlalu pnjng untk km jalanani dan ms terlalu pendek untk km mengerti maknanya :) keep ur smile .

Ic Christa I need more than before, fill me, holding my hands, look my eyes, I never lies, don't give up. We are must be strong :))

Ic Christa Someone said to me "Your tears is my sad and Your smile is my happy. Please keeps your smile and you make me happy too (not just for me but everyone around you)" Can I keep my smile (especially for you) ?

    Ic Christa Talking about love .. is never ending. When I want you to be my soulmate but that is never come true, I know we are need sometime for make believe around us for receive our love. We need some sacrificer for show the "TRUE LOVE"

    Ic Christa Do your realize how much I have been waited for you? When I missed your smile, your laugh, your touch, you never there for me . . . I wanna hug you, wanna kiss you, but when? . . . I'm just alone with my bear right now . . . hope you'll be here someday . .

    Ic Christa Sometimes you need to cry to learn and understand how feel your precious tears falling in down on your cheek and you will be understand how feel happy , sad , and alone in your tears.

    Ic Christa Ever you cry because me? Ever you feel sad because me? I think you never feel that.

    Ic Christa sometimes when i cann't telling again about my feel, something big come to me and attack at my heart. Really I feel so bad and pain. Cry cann't healing me, shout cann't make me feel better and silent make me remember all about you. What I must to do??

    Ic Christa Maybe you don't trust me but I want to you know I still love you 'till today. I feel everything inside, no one knows that.

    Ic Christa Ever you hug me before? No! Ever you cry with me? No! And you said to me now if you understand me? Haha . .

    Ic Christa I'm a loyal girl so I cann't forget all moments and all about you so quickly like as you forgot me :((

    Ic Christa With dance I can forget you for a few minutes but you never go out from my minds completly :((

    Ic Christa When in my heart full of injuried, only you can healing my heart. I can't give you any more except my heart. Thank you.

    Ic Christa When the sun out of the shine , I will be standing before you. No more fear about you. The only of you no more :))

    Ic Christa If I'm About to Die, Would You Drop Everything and Come to Me?

    Ic Christa hey I'm not God. I don't know when you time .. Mei let it go and don't cry any more :( remember what your sister said? Believe and see not See and believe and everything will be allright. maybe he will go and leave you alone but you're sweet moments and memory alwasys in your heart, right?

    Ic Christa Girl i know what you feeling but please thinking once again. you it's so younger to understanding like me :( please let he go .. and believe one day you and him have a true love story :( I'm so sorry to hear that :(

    Ic Christa One day .. if you never remember who I am, I will making you remember who am I

    Ic Christa A something don't have any reasons and make someone loves someone else it's called LOVE. 

    Ic Christa No more fear about the future and the pain of the past

    Ic Christa Cool. Wedding make a girl like a Queen on one day :)) Like this moment so much.

    Ic Christa woahh I'm really happy today. Thanks for everything. You don't angry to me again ^^. Be number heart in my heart :)) really need you so much :)) especially when I'm bad mood, you always entertain me, and when I'm happy be my best classmate . Without you I'm so confuse, With whom I must share my happy, only you ^^... Love my best classsmate :)

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