Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back to basic, never forgetting about our dream.

Talking about dream, have you a dream? When I was child I can say many dream I want to be, but when I more older right now I thinking to join to collages which many opportunity in jobs. Do you thinking like that? Today, I knew and I back to basic. If you want to be success don’t afraid to try and get risk. Many filed and risk make us learn how to stronger and be better. I believe many dream make us always learn, hope, faith, and make it happen. Are you? Yes I am.

Too foolish if I not make wish list or dream list. So I make dream list and have faith to believe my dream come true. Nothing can happen without PRAY.FAITH.WORKS. Knowing our self first and all doors will be open to success. Don’t Forget remember God, His make your life it’s mine.

Make your dream come true it’s a choice. When we say yes, we must fighting until it come true. Don’t you have mind to changes your dream because you afraid can’t get job. –Yes I talked it because in Indonesia too little job in appreciate- Believe you are History Maker in your way.

Success come because one action, action come because your imagination, imagination come because you dream.

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