Thursday, October 13, 2011

Result Middle Semester Score

Ah yai! Finally all my exam was done and now I only walk in my holiday for 3 days ( October 10-12 ). Very happy when I open my report  and got all my score is very fantastic. Thanks God for this one!. Mathematic, Biology, and Physics  I got very nice average. It almost in 8 - 8.5. Wow, I hope my report and 1st semester very nice too. So sad to know my chemistry score only average in 7, but yeah it’s not  actually important.

Well talk about my holiday, I’m not sure I can say very fun because teachers give me (and my classmate) many homework and task. This is the list :

£  Biology : Memories about framework (blueprint)
£  Chemistry : Homework about kinematics
£  Mathematic : Task in group
£  Bahasa : Make a synopsis
£  Many more – forget-

And not of all I finishing. Then in the first of my holiday I got cough, very good, it made me must stay at home. Take some medicine only made me rest in my bed oh God. All my planning go to many place with my father cancelled too. Nice one I don’t know what I can do now. Do you have some idea to make great activity at home??

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