Monday, October 3, 2011

[ TW-Song ] Show Luo Only For You Album 2011

Did you know about this singer? He is Show Luo ( Alan Luo ), He amazing singer and dancer from Taiwan. Ha called The Dance King of Asia too. He was launching his new album on February, 18 2011 with tittle "Only For You". There are eleven songs with "Only For You" the single from this album. A rumor said Show Luo pay more than 5 billion dollars to made Anti Gravitation in his music video. 

For me everything he do look so amazing. He so talented and handsome singer. Who can reject him in entertain? No one. Although he not young again but his charisma can make him always stay in his way.

Photo for " Only For You " Album 


Album : Only For You 独一无二 (Du Yi Wu Er)
Singer : Show Luo 罗志祥 (Luo Zhi Xiang)
Release Date : 18 February 2011
Label : Gold Typhoon (Taiwan)

Track List :

01.Only For You - 独一无二 (Du Yi Wu Er)
02.Beautiful Mistake - 美丽的误会 (Mei Li De Wu Hui)
03.What Am I Fighting For? - 拼什么 (Pin Shen Me)
04.Touch My Heart
05.Nowhere To Hide - 舞所遁形 (Wu Suo Dun Xing)
06.Silence Phobia - 怕安静 (Pa An Jing)
07.Brave Death - 强出头 (Qiang Chu Tou)
08.Pain Swallowed - 忍住 (Ren Zhu)
09.Magic Words - 口头缠 (Kou Tou Chan)
10.Let Love Show - 爱享瘦 (Ai Xiang Shou)
11.What Am I Fighting For? (Single Show Concert Version) - 拼什么 (独秀知音版) (Pin Shen Me)

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