Monday, November 26, 2012

What's next?

Hello Fellas, I think this week called final exam week. Who still in final exam? *put your  hands up! but I'm not! okay I hate to tell this one but this is reality, my school always late to hold final exam how pitty I am! Okay forget about that I had good news for me and you :D I just won a quiz in twitter and this prize is good snack! Can't waiting for share that to you. Just wait untill the prize come in my home :)
Another story came from my blog. Really I'm not very confidence in beauty blog because Im really really newbiew and i dont know how to manage my blog. Omg!! Still fighting for this problems. 
Okay I'm not sure when I can write blog post again because next month is my buzy month ever than before. 
 Nah.... this is my December List .... 
  •  Gogirl Magazine December Issue ( I was too long not read this one )
  • My parents allow me using softlens ( Okay I have many party in next month and please I cant go with my glasses )
  • Buy softlens
  • New Stocking ( need this so much )
  • Buy new dresses
  • Buy cream or nude nail polish ( need it really really asap )
  • New Phone ( Black Berry i think. Im using android but almost my friends using BB it make me like err ah you know )
  • Okay I need many more but forgot
so that my wish list how about you ? December almost come guys. Are ready?

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