Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hero Day!!
Happy Hero Day everyone ? It’s so good news because we independent because their buffetings. Let’s take a minute for reminded and pray for them :D , but unluckily I didn’t go everywhere ‘cause I know there are many traffic jam. So I’m here now sitting in fort my computer and writing this blog post.

Going to Collage
Hey! How old I am now ? I felt so elder than before since I celebrated my last birthday. Every university raced give us many brochures. Then I must choice where one I will continue my next study. I was took a decision . I chosen Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya (UKWMS) , Universitas Surabaya (Ubaya), and Universitas Kristen Petra (UKP) in the same major, Accounting. The funny one is I only bought one form and it is from UKWMS so I will continue my study at there. Regrettably, I don’t choice UBAYA or UKP its because my parents didn’t allow me at there with the reason all very far away from my house. Ermm, okay with this one , I will do my best. Honestly, I chosen another major, it called Food Technology but back to the basic reason my parents didn’t allow me and what I can do ? Nothing.
Well this my story before I’m going to collage and I will write more and more about this topic. I love this topic so much xoxo J .

How lucky I am!!!
I  Falling in love more with blog. So far I had three blogs with different theme, and the last blog is about beauty I named it “My Little Note of Beauty”. I so thank you with this blog. I was created it in 2009 since now talking about personal life and everything taught me how to make a good blog. I hope in my new blog I can apply all my knowledge and make good blog!!
Thank you fellas!!

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