Friday, February 25, 2011


hay people!!  just write a new blogpost today because I'm free! Ok my suck school have a holiday today, then I got bored 'cos just stay at home with nothing to do?! 
Yeah like my promise to my self I got new blog but I don't wanna tell  you what address of my blog it's so screet just tel about memories of love so special, right?? Of course so girly I think, so will I leave from this blog? Of course NO! this blog is my heart I very very very love this blog so much I'm crazy if I leave or move from this blog!! Ok keep visit at here yeah :)
Then I playing the sims 3 and do you know? my suck computer was error and deleting my gamesave! CRAZY so much! I must play form begin again. How sad I am! but it's okay it's holiday I can play again. 
Didn't you go out with your friends? No, I did. I son't know why I very lazy to go out, to replay many messeges, to chat with them. For a  few day really I stay at bad mood, Hope something can make me better ... arght!! Wanna buy some magazine today but I'm not sure if my mother or my father want to accompany me (yeah I still keep my noy enough money, right) ... Sometimes I imagine if I'm rich people but this buy that so easy but this is called life, What you want not always fullfil yeahh just hope again. 
Don't have any idea for my blog. Would you like to help me? Give some idea please T.T

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